Benefits of the Gamma Knife
The benefits of the Gamma Knife impact all concerned; physicians, patients, hospitals and society as a whole. These benefits are derived from its unique non-invasive nature, minimal hospitalization requirements, affordable cost and impressive long-term results.

Reduced Health Risk
Gamma Knife radiosurgery requires no incision, thereby eliminating the risk of infection associated with open craniotomy. Other risks that are eliminated include potential damage to healthy tissue and adverse reaction to general anesthesia. The Gamma Knife design and advance treatment planning software ensure that only abnormal tissue is treated, minimizing injury to the surrounding healthy brain tissue.

Overnight Hospitalization
Conventional neurosurgery requires hospitalization and convalescence, rehabilitation and restrictions on physical activity are often necessary. Radiosurgery patients are seldom hospitalized and can resume regular activities within one to two days.

No Hair Loss or Scarring
Gamma Knife radiosurgery treatment is specifically designed to protect the patient from diffuse exposure to radiation, avoiding disfigurement and scarring problems associated with neurosurgery.

Predictable Outcomes
The optimal treatment plan is selected and evaluated using sophisticated software prior to delivery of treatment. Therefore, patients and their families know what to expect. Data collected worldwide from the experience od other amma Knife Centers combined with sophisticated computer software programs allows us to formulate precise treatment plans with predictable outcomes.

Reduced Cost
Radiosurgery provides a cost savings of an estimated 20 to 50 percent when compared to conventional surgery.