Gamma Knife Benefits

Designed to target and shrink brain lesions, Gamma Knife’s cutting-edge treatment offers many benefits over the standard brain surgery approach. More brain disorder patients are opting for this efficient, effective and minimally-invasive alternative to restore health with fewer risks. 

At the Gamma Knife Center, our specialized Gamma Knife procedure—and the impressive long-term results of treatment—foster hope and healing for our brain disorder patients and their families.

Explore the benefits of Gamma Knife Treatment

High Success Rate

Gamma Knife patients often experience rapid shrinking of aggressive tumors, and steady lesion minimization over time for slower-growing tumors. The positive results of Gamma Knife studies—specifically brain metastases and acoustic neuromas—are extremely encouraging, with well over a 90 percent success rate!

Precision & Predictable Results

Gamma Knife radiosurgery sets the bar high for accuracy in targeting brain tumors, with guaranteed precision that ensures patient safety. Our physicians use global Gamma Knife data and sophisticated software to develop treatment plans and anticipate results, giving our patients and their families a clear idea of what to expect.

Fewer Risks

Gamma Knife treatment planning software ensures that only abnormal tissue is targeted, minimizing the risk of injury to surrounding healthy brain tissue. It doesn’t require incisions, which eliminates the associated risk of infection. And since the patient is awake during the session, there’s no risk of general anesthesia reactions.

Treats Inoperable Lesions

Gamma Knife provides greater accuracy in targeting lesions, and extra protection for neighboring delicate structures, effectively providing a pathway to healing for patients who are not good candidates for brain surgery.

Quick Recovery

While conventional neurosurgery requires extensive hospitalization and rehabilitation, most Gamma Knife patients can resume regular activities within one to two days.

Affordable Cost

Gamma Knife eliminates lengthy hospital stays and costly medication, saving patients an estimated 20 to 50 percent! Because of affordability and documented success rates, Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance providers cover this procedure.

Minimal Radiation

Gamma Knife uses a safer brain imaging protocol, requiring just a single MRI instead of X-rays. Patients are exposed to less radiation thanks to a single focal point and machine shielding that helps protect the body.

No Hair Loss or Scarring

With Gamma Knife’s reduced radiation profile, patients don’t need to worry about the disfigurement and scarring problems associated with neurosurgery.

Gamma Knife Treatment Steps

The four-part process can be done in just a single session, with no overnight stay required.

Who Can It Help?  

Gamma Knife can be used to treat a variety of brain tumors and other disorders safely and effectively.

Gamma Knife at a Glance

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